Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Methods of Removing Rust Stains from Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are made up of natural clay and other material. Ceramic tiles are available in wide colours and designs with an amazing surface finishes in both glossy and matte. Ceramic tile flooring is a great option to be installed in any part of your home, at the same time maintenance is also important for a new look enough after the ages of your flooring. Through routine cleaning with water and a mild soap can bring your floor to fresh and clean. But at times, it could be difficult to remove some stubborn marks like rust stains on your ceramic tile flooring. To remove those annoying stains on ceramic, try these cleaning methods to get your tile looking new again.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How to Install Carpet on Stairs?

In a typical space you can walk out randomly, your feet moving here and there on the floor. But in case of stairs, the only motive is being attentive while walking along with the way showed by the construction itself. When choosing to carpet your stairs you must to be very cautious, as staircases are one of the heaviest trafficked zones in a residence. Carpet on a staircase will hold lots of abrasions on the steps and come with a visual aspect to a home's décor. Because the stairs are so heavily travelled on, knowing how to carpet stairs is always recommendable. If performed well, carpeting your stairs can be soft, durable, warm and even safe padding to a stairway.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hardwood Floors- 7 Secrets for Selecting the Perfect Flooring

 Do you know that hardwood flooring is healthier than any other kind of floor covering? Indoor air quality is one of the largest health threats that humans experience every day.  So, by installing a hardwood floor you can improve the quality of the air exceptionally in your home. At the same time, you should follow a couple of important functional and design thoughts to create an amazing and welcoming look of hardwood flooring in your home.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Why Hardwood Floors are Awesome?

Hardwood flooring enables you to cherish the natural beauty and rich ageless appearance in any room of your home. Hardwood flooring is one of the most modern type of flooring, available with a wide variety of features and characteristics to complement any décor, from the most old- fashioned to the most modern. This modern hardwood flooring is increasingly becoming popular among many homeowners due to its everlasting benefits. Hardwood floors are being used for both residential and commercial areas. These hardwood floors add a touch of class as well as structural potency to your home’s interior.

Regardless of being a traditional choice, hardwood floors have a variety of other functional advantages too. Hardwood flooring is ultimate for bedrooms, living rooms, drawing rooms and in all other areas of your home. Hardwood flooring is one of the most practical and decorative options among many homeowners, other benefits that include-

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Benefits of Cork Flooring

Cork- Cork is a renewable and natural material produced from the bark of cork oak trees, usually covered with a protective coating and valued for its fire- resistance, water repellent, environmental friendly and most importantly reduces the presence of allergens. Cork gained its popularity over the past years as the best flooring material because of its durability, beauty, green qualities and low- maintenance appeal. Cork flooring has many intrinsic properties making it a preferable choice for commercial areas.

Hence Cork Flooring is-

  • Cork flooring virtually enhances any room’s style and decor.
  • Cork is green friendly.
  • Cork floors have a natural, random appearance that creates an elegant look.
  • Cork floors are health friendly- hypoallergenic.

Cork Flooring
Cork Flooring

Thursday, 9 October 2014

How to Carpet care?

Carpet Flooring:

First and foremost, have you ever dropped a dish or glass before on your floor? Probably there are chances and if you did you would have spent the next few minutes cleaning up the broken dish and glass. But with carpet you will never come across these problems, as the carpeted floor has more comfort and is a safer floor. Carpet costs appreciably less than any other flooring like marble, tile or hardwood.

Hence Carpet is:
  •     Easy to Care For,
  •     Provides Sound Reduction,
  •     Offers Warmth & Insulation,
  •     Comfort to homes and offices ,
  •     Extremely Affordable

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stone Tile Flooring Gives Natural Feel to Your Environment!

When it’s time to replace your flooring, looking for a tile that is unique and connects you with nature may not be top on your list. Deciding which type of tile meets your needs may be more difficult than you expected.
If you are looking for a tile that is non- polluting, Eco- friendly, and varies in color and design then look no further. Then stone tile flooring may be your answer for your floor as well as walls. These tiles are fast becoming floor material to choose, having been used for thousands of years. Natural stone tile is dynamic and versatile material that can be used in both traditional and modern houses. If you are looking for a material that last for ages, and something that is easy to maintain, than stone tile flooring is the best to opt for.

Stone tile flooring gives natural feel to your environment as it refers to a variety of mountain born materials including:
Stone tile flooring
Stone Tile Flooring

·         Stone
·         Marble
·         Limestone
·         Travertine
·         Granite and
·         Sandstone.

Each of these has slightly different properties. It’s important to understand the characteristics of each type of stone flooring in order to verify whether it is appropriate for a specific location. 

Consider the following factors before you go with stone tile flooring-

Absorption Rating- Absorption rating alludes to how porous a given material is. The higher the absorption rating, the more likely that a stone tile will stain and crack during freezing conditions. High absorption stain tiles do not work for outdoors.